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Medical Billing


We offer our clients a complete billing service including eligibility and benefits checks before the Intake visit, filing claims and following them through the adjudication process to payment, posting payments to patient records, correcting claims and resubmitting as needed.  We reach out to the insurance companies to follow up on underpayments and file appeals on denials.  



Bloom Billing performs the many aspects of credentialing with insurance companies.  We will complete the application, submit and track it, handle all communication to facilitate the credentialing process for our clients.  We work through any development that occurs with processing the client application.  We offer credentialing by individual insurance company as well as an all inclusive three year contract with unlimited insurance companies and re-credentialing package that focuses on the major plans in your market.

Practice Management & Consulting


Bloom has studied behavioral health practice management and will work with our clients to implement Best Practices to improve the flow and efficiency of their practice.  It's easy to lose sight of organizational goals in the day to day, but Bloom can help you regain that focus.  We observe, work with, and make recommendations to our clients to identify pain points and offer solutions to ease them.


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