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Our Mission

The mission of Bloom Billing & Accounting is very simple.  Our goal is to navigate life in a way that enriches the lives of others, to give love and compassion to all, to ease the suffering of people, and to create a better world in an honest, caring, mindful way.  

The ultimate goal of Bloom is to relieve therapists of the burden of worry about the revenue cycle so they can focus on helping their clients live their best lives.  We want to see your business and clientele Bloom.

Bloom was created by an accountant who has a heart for service to others.  She worried for years that her work as an accountant wasn't doing enough, wasn't making a positive impact, and she struggled with finding a way to make her work match her values.  


Having a therapist in the family, she knew there was a widespread problem for therapists who struggled with billing issues and who found it difficult to maintain a steady income.  Finally, she saw a way to connect her skills with numbers and details to the skills of behavioral health practitioners.  By applying her expertise in accounting and business management to the billing process, she was able to marry the two and now knows her work has value and is positively changing the lives of others.



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